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Our Business

OverSight is a start-up operation in South Africa focusing exclusively on assisting Boards of Directors and Executive Management IDENTIFY and DELIVER VALUE from Information Technology.

We have listened to Directors and Executive Management, who have told us that they:

  • Don’t understand information Technology;
  • Don’t know how to Maximise the Value from IT;
  • Don’t cope with constantly changing IT; and
  • Don’t feel comfortable governing IT,

and yet All Board Members have fiduciary duties to protect the interests of all their Stakeholders.

We address this ‘Directors Dilemma’ by providing a comprehensive framework (incorporating Value, Risk, Compliance, Security, Sustainability, Organisation, Strategy, Operations, Control, Maturity Assessment, and Performance Measurement & Reporting); a robust and complete library of processes; an extensive catalogue of products & services; and a group of very competent subject matter experts.

Our goal is designed to support Directors and Executive management AND Chief Information Officers and IT Management (and their primary advisors, both internal and external) both to understand what are the key IT Value Drivers and to demonstrate how value can be achieved.

We do this through our two companies; OverSight Solutions (Pty) Ltd and OverSight Services (Pty) Ltd.

OverSight Solutions (Pty) Ltd

OverSight Solutions approach involves providing Directors and Executive Management with the right questions to ask of CIOs and IT Management with regard to the maximisation of IT Value, and we supply CIOs and IT Management with the right answers (expressed in business terms).

Our objective in OverSight Solutions, is to ensure that Directors are confident that Stakeholders are receiving the maximum benefit from their investments in Information Technology AND to enable CIOs to be recognised as vital contributors to delivering the objectives and goals of the organisation.


OverSight Services (Pty) Ltd

OverSight Services’ approach involves assisting CIOs and IT Management in delivering the appropriate Structures, Processes, Projects, and IT Services to meet business needs and supporting line management in understanding and implementing Information Technology in such a way as to maximise business value.

Our objective in OverSight Services, is to ensure the Information and Technology organisation is capable of interpreting the IT requirements of Boards of Directors and Executive Management in such a way that IT Services are delivered in line with appropriate objectives, goals, costs and priorities.


Associated Companies

OverSight also has strong relationships with Partners (where we take a shareholding) and with Associates that we are able to bring the most professional and experienced staff to address our customers business challenges.

For example, in examining the payback value driver and cost transparency, we partner with Magic Orange (Pty) Ltd to identify the cost parameters of all IT Services in order to reduce unit costs and utilisation.