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Our Proposition

The OverSight Value Proposition lies in assisting Boards of Directors, Executive Management, CIOs and IT Management (and their advisors) maximise the value of Information and Technology for all Stakeholders using the most appropriate governance processes.

The emphasis is very strongly on VALUE and not on PROFIT; on STAKEHOLDERS and not on SHAREHOLDERS; and on GOVERNANCE being the PROCESS and not the END RESULT.

We have two distinct value propositions — one for Directors and one for CIOs and IT Management.


For Directors and Executive Management, OverSight has a clear value proposition.

If the prime objective for Boards of Directors is the maximisation of value for all stakeholders then it is absolutely imperative that all Directors are aware of what comprises IT Value and how it can be delivered. [OverSight believes that many Directors do not understand what value Information & Technology can deliver.]

Consequently, OverSight’s major proposition is to provide Directors with a comprehensive awareness programme that enables them to be comfortable with the concepts of value roles and responsibilities, value drivers, value ground rules, value standards and value processes so that they can evaluate the returns from their investments.

Within this we identify all the IT governance, risks, compliance, security and sustainability issues that impact the value environment and we examine the IT organisation, strategy, operations and controls from effectiveness and efficiency points of view. This allows Directors to be confident that their IT organisations are appropriately governed.

One of our key deliverables involves assessing the current maturity of the organisation, helping to decide on future positioning (within cost, risk, capability parameters), together with priorities and roadmaps, and measuring and reporting on the performance of the organisation.

In addition, OverSight focusses on providing assurance against principles (including King III), Standards (including ISO 38500) and best practices (including some industry specific practices where appropriate.

CIOs & IT Management

For CIOs and IT Management, OverSight presents a different value proposition.

CIOs need to demonstrate that they are part of the strategic processes of the business; that they are capable of delivering the objectives and goals of the organisation in the most effective and efficient way; and that they can present the performance of Information and Technology in business terms as and when required.

Consequently, OverSight’s major proposition to CIOs is to enable them to contribute to the strategy of the organisation; to help them interpret the business objectives and goals in IT terms (with the right priority); to advise how best to demonstrate delivery of value (including operational effectiveness and efficiency); to assess the current maturity (and future positioning) of IT risk, compliance, security, sustainability, organisation, strategy, operations and controls: and to help implement the necessary improvements in terms of running, growing and transforming the organisation.