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Our Products and Services

OverSight has developed a comprehensive range of Products and Services to enable OverSight Solutions to ‘maximise stakeholder value’ and OverSight Services to ‘deliver IT value’.

OverSight Solutions

OverSight Solutions product and services recognise that in order to maximise stakeholder value there needs to be a combination of advice and guidance, awareness, current state assessment and future positioning, assurance (against appropriate principles, standards and best practices), on-going research and performance measurement and reporting.

As a result we have developed:

  • OverSight Advise – Advisory Services
  • OverSight Aware – Awareness, Training & Coaching
  • OverSight Assess – Current and Future assessment
  • OverSight Assure – Assurance Criteria Services
  • OverSight Research – Research & Subscription Services
  • OverSight Inform – Board Reporting, Scorecards & Dashboards


OverSight Services

OverSight Services products and services focus on the delivery of IT services, both in support of OverSight Solutions, and in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Information and Technology in general.

The major thrust is around the production and implementation of business cases, solution design, processes, methodologies and frameworks, projects, change management and managed services.

As a result we have developed:

  • OverSight Business – Business Cases
  • OverSight Design – Solutions Architecture & Design
  • OverSight Implementation – Processes, Methodologies & Frameworks
  • OverSight Delivery – Projects & Project Management
  • OverSight Change – Change Management
  • OverSight Operate – Managed Services (Interim Management)